September meeting follow-up

This was the first half of our discussion on unit testing. We talked about the history, some of the common terminology and some different use cases where it would be useful.

Next month we will continue with a concrete example to demonstrate how you would use TDD.

DUnitX is a free and open source project started by VSoft Technologies and has become the standard for unit testing in Delphi. It supports Delphi 2010 and later and has been bundled with the product since Delphi XE8.

DUnitX uses console based output by default and includes experimental GUI based output for VCL and FireMonkey in their demos, but they recommend using TestInsight, another free project that lets you run your unit tests in the Delphi IDE.

If you are using a version of Delphi that’s earlier than Delphi 2010, you can still use DUnit, which supports Delphi 5 and up (Delphi 4 if you go back far enough) and has also shipped with Delphi since Delphi 2005.

Free stuff!

Embarcadero is offering both Delphi and C++ Builder 10.1 starter editions for free for a limited time. I don’t know how long the offer will last, but the serial numbers don’t expire, so if you want to get a license, go grab one. If you don’t have one, you will need to sign up for an EDN (Embarcadero Developer Network) account.

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