TDUG meeting Tuesday, March 28th

Our user group president, Rick Dermont, will be talking about Run-Time Type Information (RTTI).

RTTI lets you find out information about types at run time (hence the name). It has been in Delphi since version 1 and is vital to the designer and Delphi’s component model. It originally wasn’t very well documented, but with a little perseverance, you could use it for your own purposes.

In Delphi 2010, RTTI was upgraded significantly. It is much more complete and better documented, and made new features like attributes and live bindings possible.

The topic is so deep that Rick might need a follow-up meeting to cover it all.

Tuesday, March 28th, 2017
Fairview Library – 35 Fairview Mall Dr, North York – Room 4 (4th floor)
6:00PM to 8:00PM

About the location: The Fairview Library is on the north side of the Fairview Mall. Subway service is available and parking at the mall is free.

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