Senior Programmer

Senior Programmer at Antimodular Inc. a Research and Development studio headed by artist Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, operating in Montréal since 2003. We make interactive installations for galleries, museums,
festivals and public spaces around the World, using custom-circuitry, networked control, robotics, 3D graphics, LED arrays, sensors, smartphones, AR and the latest audiovisual technologies. Please see examples of our work at

The Senior Programmer should be a generalist, with a track record of successful development across different platforms, languages and media. He or she will work in close collaboration with the head of Research and Development to develop new artworks and port, maintain or improve existing ones.

•       Port, maintain or extend perfectly-documented legacy multimedia projects written primarily with Delphi, with a subset using QT, Cocoa, Java and assembly language.
•       Plan, prioritize and work with minimum oversight in the programming of several simultaneous new projects.
•       Produce quality code that is well documented and in accordance with system and technical specifications.
•       Execute and implement automated or manual tests (unit tests, deployment tests, blackbox, etc).
•       Participate in the presentation of projects, including substantial travel around the World.

Qualifications and Experience
•       Holder of a Degree in Computer Science or Engineering.
•       Minimum 5-year experience working in the field.
•       Programming in Embarcadero Delphi a must, as s/he will port, maintain or extend legacy projects. Programming in a variety of languages desired, especially C++, cocoa, java, javascript, assembly.
•       Experience with OpenGL, matrix math, homographies, camera calibrations and 3D mapping.
•       Experience in computer vision, camera tracking and structured light systems.
•       Programming shaders and GPU code.
•       Command of operating systems, data structures and algorithms.
•       Understanding of networking, concurrent systems and distributed systems.
•       Interest in performance and highly scalable applications.
•       Interest in integration with hardware: LED arrays, acoustic arrays, mechanical, pneumatic and hydraulic systems. Including microcontroller programming, filters, RC circuits, and general electronics.

Additional Assets (nice to have)
Candidates should also possess the following traits:
•       Able to work effectively and collaboratively with others to achieve common goals.
•       Flexible, self-motivated and is open and willing to provide and receive feedback.
•       Enjoy working in a non-corporate, professional setting dedicated to the arts.
•       Wants to and can travel.

Contact Details
Send your CV, cover letter and documentation of work samples to
Interviews in Montreal Aug 11 to 14, 2015.

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